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Kennedy Fiorella

She is a second year Honours Political Science major with a minor in Theatre, and this year, she is MUNA’s Director of Gala Affairs. She has been involved in researching and debating international relations since high school while taking on leadership roles in a multitude of clubs, theatre productions, and community initiatives. Kennedy first became a part of Model UN in grade 12 and has since continued to do so in first year, most memorably taking part in CANiMUN. This year, she is so excited to be a member of the executive team. On top of attending as many conferences as she can, Kennedy is working closely with Delaney, VP Events, to organize MUNA’s first year-end Gala. When she is not busy preparing for conferences and planning events, Kennedy is often found stage-managing or acting in uOttawa theatre productions, debating global issues with friends in an FSS study room, volunteering for Girl Guides of Canada, or reading biographies of her favourite figures in political and theatrical history.