fall 2017/winter 2018 semesters

Katie Wynen – President

As a fourth-year Political Science and Economics student at the University of Ottawa, I am incredibly excited to be acting as MUNA’s President this year! Since joining the Model United Nations Association as a first-year student, I’ve been able to participate in committees including General Assemblies, Security Council crises, an OPEC committee and even a magic-themed committee where I represented the Centaurs of the Black Forest (among others). I have also had the opportunity to chair and direct several committees, and I was the Director of Committees for the CAPMUN 2017 Secondary School Conference. Outside of MUN, when I’m not working on a Co-op term with the federal or provincial governments, I enjoy spending time outside, cuddling my dog, and visiting Parliament Hill. What I really love about MUN is that it allows everyone to find their own strengths; whether that’s public speaking, diplomacy, resolution-writing, crisis-handling, or just being a good listener, there’s something for you to do. This year, I’m looking forward to all the great events we have planned, as well as keeping you informed about what’s going on with the executive. Hope to see you this year!

Jinping Wei – VP Finance

Jinping is a soon to be graduate of the Finance degree kind. He is continuing in his role as the USG Finance of Capmun in order to bring the fun and games and diplomacy to local Ottawa students. He enjoys a good beer, anime, books, and some gaming when he isn’t crying over his studies.

Abarna (Abi) Selvarajah – VP Delegate Training

Hi there! I’m currently in my third year of Political Science and History at the University of Ottawa and am also in the French Immersion and Co-op stream. I was born in Toronto and raised in Brampton, Ontario, with my younger sister and dog, Buttercup! MUN has been a defining moment in my student life, and being both a delegate and an exec member has helped me forge connections with some pretty extraordinary people. One of my favorite committees was representing Brazil in the Political Coalition, a joint-crisis committee at RMC (Royal Military College) MUN. Being the political halve of coalition assignments, I enjoyed debating in a smaller-sized committee with many expectations to speak and participate. Although if I were to be honest, I get extremely nervous raising my placard for committee and each experience is always eye-opening in the lessons I learn about myself as a public speaker, debater and critical thinker. And that is what’s important about every conference or in-house you attend; to pull at least one area of improvement to work on and become a well-rounded delegate! Full time for this summer, and part-time during the fall, I’m working with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada, on their Stakeholder Relations team, on subjects pertaining to correspondence and Indian Registration. I enjoy biking, reading (mostly autobiographies) and have been dancing/teaching Bharatanatyam, a classical South Indian dance, for over 12 years! Joining MUNA was one of the best decisions I made in University, and a serving as VP Training for the second year, I honestly hope you benefit from the advice, memories and tips that our seasoned delegates and exec members will share with you! We are here to make your MUN experience easy and unforgettable, so never hesitate to message me or any exec at any time. I wish you a very successful year!

 Anastasiia Cherygova – Assistant VP Delegate Training

I am currently studying Political Science and a Minor in History. I was born and raised in Yekaterinburg, Russia. I have lived in North Vancouver, British Columbia, graduating from high school with a Social Science scholarship. I enjoy all kinds of art, especially literature and graphic art; I often draw, paint and write myself. Sport hasn’t been my cup of tea, however, in the recent years I had been involved in fencing and taught table tennis in high school. I got involved in MUN back in North Vancouver, where I eventually became a head delegate, representing my school in Greater Vancouver conferences. Even though I had been active in high school MUN, I was quite frightened to participate in university level MUN. QMUNi in Kingston, ON, has been my first university MUN – it showed me that university MUN is not frightening, but just as interesting and rewarding, Considering any advice to give to the starters, I would advise you to tackle your insecurities, yet at the same time use your strengths to the fullest. As long as you are able to present yourself as a valuable delegate, either through speaking or writing, MUNA would bring you just as much and even more than you have contributed! Don’t be afraid to step in and good luck!

Ally Rail -VP Communications

I am entering my second year of International Development and Globalization, and I am so excited to serve as the VP of Communications for MUNA in this upcoming school year. I have been participating in MUN since grade 10, from attending as many conferences as I could, to assisting in running them at my high school. Last year I filled the position of under-secretary general of logistics for CAPMUN at UOttawa. This experience showed me further how important MUN is to me, and the conference was one of the many reasons I wanted to get more involved with MUNA. I grew up in Whitby, Ontario and have a cottage that I enjoy spending my free time at. I enjoy finding coffee shops around Ottawa, dancing, reading, and spending time outdoors. My advice for anyone new or old to MUN, especially at a university level, is to speak your mind and have confidence in your knowledge. Adjusting to university is not easy, and neither is adjusting to university level extra curricular activities, but putting yourself out there and taking a chance no matter how scared you may feel will make your transition easier and a lot more fun. I’m looking forward to working and communication with all of you!

Waseem Boudali – VP Information Technology


Hello all! My name is Waseem, and I’m a second year Political Science student at the University from Ottawa. I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario, and that’s where I got my start in MUN. I’ve been involved in MUN since Grade 11 but funnily enough, didn’t sign up for UOMUNA when  first moved to Ottawa for school. I missed a whole semester of amazing MUN activities, and I don’t want you guys to make the same mistake I did. UOMUNA has some great stuff planned for this year so make sure you come out and join us, even if you’re just starting out on the MUN scene! We’ll guide you through the start and give you the tools to make sure you have an amazing experience with us and the world of global politics.

Caitlin Wardrop – VP Delegate Coordination

I am entering my second year in International Development and Globalization, and can’t wait for my next years at uOttawa. I am from Vancouver Island, BC, and my interests include dance, running, the outdoors and, of course, Model UN. I started doing MUN in high school and I immediately loved the fast-paced, dynamic and collaborative atmosphere. As someone who has also done debate, I love how MUN gives you the opportunity to not only think on your feet but also come prepared with research and ideas. In my past conferences I have overwhelmingly represented countries vastly different from my own, which I loved. I enjoy the added challenge of maintaining foreign policy that may be very unfamiliar. MUN has been a great way for me to learn about current events and the UN, and to further enrich what I am learning in school.  I would encourage everyone from any program of study to t​ry MUN, as it is an incredible way to learn things you would never otherwise come across.

Delaney Brause – VP Social

Hi my name is Delaney and I am your VP Social for the 2017-2018 academic year. I am studying International Development and Globalization, with a minor in Arabic Language and Culture. I have been doing MUN since grade 12. My first university MUN experience was at QMUNI representing Cuba in a specialized agency (which was coincidentally larger then the GA at this conference). Needless to say having 50 other people to debate with about terrorism was a fun and exciting experience which opened my eyes to just how great university MUN can be. I am a very out going person so I love meeting new people at conferences and creating a bond over this wacky hobby we share. My advice is to attend the socials, you may find that the  person who was extremely annoying in committee, is actually really cool when they aren’t pretending to be your enemy. Other than MUN, I do lifesaving sport, which is similar to competitive swimming in the pool & includes running, paddle boarding, swimming, and surfing on the beach. I also love reading, biking, camping, coffee and exploring. Hope you all have a great year!

Elena Mitchell – Director General, CAPMUN 2018

For the 2017-2018 academic year I am honoured to be the Director General of the Capital Model United Nations conference. Previously, I have held the position of President of MUNA and have enjoyed going to many conferences during my time at university. I study Environmental Economics and Public Policy and would be thrilled to pursue a masters abroad in Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development. I grew up in Stratford, Ontario; home of the Biebs and the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. A piece of advice I would have for new or prospective MUN-ers would be to not take committee too seriously. Model UN is a forum to explore every idea and to encourage innovative dialogue. Chairs and fellow delegates appreciate creativity and humour, so leave it all out on the table! If you have any questions about anything (Model UN or other), please never hesitate to ask me!