Frequently Asked Questions


What is MUN/ What do you do?

Model United Nations is an extra-curricular and academic simulation of the United Nations. We represent countries, NGOs, people, corporations, and other bodies that are represented at the United Nations. When attending conferences, each member is given a position and must represent this position’s foreign policy on the world stage; whether this agrees or conflicts with personal opinions and beliefs. This is one of the challenges of Model UN – being able to fully represent a country’s foreign policy when dealing with topics such as Women’s rights, human rights, security, and more.


Members then participate in formal debate with other students and try to find solutions to their topics, culminating in one or more ‘resolutions’ that will either pass or fail through a vote at the end of the committee.

I'm Interested in participating with MUNA, but I don't think there's a committee for me.

Model United  Nations is extremely versatile and more than just committee topics focusing on security or humanitarian issues. Many of the conferences we attend host a range of committees that touch a wide range of subjects and fictional worlds. In the past, these have included: environmental, legal, technology (computer security), historical (Treaty of Versailles, German Olympics), health (WHO), business committees (Apple Board of Directors); and committees revolving around video games (Nintendo), television shows (Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey), movies (Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings), and even a simulated galactic empire.

We also hold in-house conferences at uOttawa for members that represent a wide range of topics (for more information on this, please see below).

We are confident that we can find a committee that suits your interests or your field of study!

Are you affiliated with the University of Ottawa’s Model UN course?

No, we are not officially affiliated with the UOttawa Model United Nations course.
For more information on it, please go to the following website:

Can First Year Students / Graduate Students Join?

Yes! We allow anyone in any year (undergraduate and graduate) to join and participate.

What if I cannot afford to go to any conferences?

Throughout the year we will have fundraising initiatives to help lower the cost of going to conferences for the entire delegation. We also host a number of in-houses (to be explained below) which are completely free for members of the club.

I don’t know anyone else in the club so will I still have fun?

Model UN is an excellent way to meet new people both at uOttawa and even around the world.
In the club you will meet plenty of new people in your year of study and even in the your program of study.

If you’re still worried, don’t be. We think it will be easy to approach people when you’re a nuclear-armed rogue state and you need to make a few friends to stand up against the United States.

English isn’t my first language and I’m not comfortable speaking in it all the time. Can I speak French at conferences and amongst the club?

French is almost always available for your use as the club is run as bilingually as possible.

We have fully bilingual members of our executive that you can communicate with and some conferences will host bilingual committees or French-only committees as another option for non-native English speakers.

Membership Fee

How much is the registration/membership fee?

For the 2016-2017 school year, membership fees are $25.00 dollars.

What if I join later in the year?

The fee will remain at $25.00 throughout the entirety of the school year. We have programming throughout the year that will make your payment worth it!

What does the $25.00 dollars get me?

The $25.00 dollars goes towards paying miscellaneous conference fees and the upkeep of the club.
Additionally, the $25.00 dollars goes towards creating training sessions, gives you access to online training resources, and allows you into our (very fun) socials which range from pub nights to board game gatherings.
Finally, the club fee grants you access to discounted club-wear such as sweaters and hats.

I paid the $25.00 membership fee, yet did not attend any of the training sessions or attend any club events. May I receive a refund?

The membership fee is a base fee that ensures you can attend training sessions, MUN simulations, and club events throughout the year. As it does not directly reflect your participation and attendance at organized conferences (such as McMUN, HNMUN, NAMUN, etc.), we cannot refund you. If you have any problems attending the training sessions please email the exec to work out alternative arrangements, as they are offered.

Training and In-Houses

Why are training sessions highly suggested?

Attending training sessions is highly suggested in order for you to participate to the best of your ability at a conference. Rules and regulations can be complicated and confusing and thus, we want you to be able to perform at your best and with the highest level of confidence so you can get the most out of your MUN experience.
Different conferences also have different rules of procedure so our trainings will give you an overview of what procedure we have encountered most often.

How many training sessions are there?

The details of training sessions will be announced soon under the training part of our website.

How many training sessions should I attend?

We would suggest attending as many training sessions as possible!

What is an in-house conference?

An in-house conference is a MUN simulation (generally a General Assembly) conducted right here on our campus. These are held in order to get to know your fellow MUNA members, and to experience an intimate variation of a committee you would experience at a formal conference.
It’s small and familiar setting makes it an invaluable training tool for newer delegates.

What kinds of in-house assemblies are run?

In-house topics vary each time and past events have included topics of Zombie Outbreaks, Syrian Civil War and a Crisis Committee on DPRK vs USA. Some proposed topics for the future include a WW2 Crisis Committee on the British Blitz and a Harry Potter JCC.

Will there be an in-house for MUNA members?

Yes. We plan to host multiple in-houses over the course of the year. They will be free for paid members and have a small entrance fee for UOttawa students who are unpaid members of the club.

Payment Procedure

Who should I make cheques out to when paying for delegate fees?

Cheques should be made out to International Affairs Association.

Are there any other methods of payment?

It is highly suggested that all delegates pay their fees through Paypal.


Which conferences will the club attend this year?

These will be posted on our website under the ‘conference list’ page.