Welcome to the Financial Aid application for University of Ottawa’s Model United Nations Association Academic Year of 2018-19. Please note that Financial Aid will exclusively be available for conferences that run during the Winter 2019 semester. Applications will open on September 15 and close on December 1st. The selected applicant will have a portion of their individual fee (usually including: delegate and delegation fee, hotel costs minus transportation) covered by the Association.

This year’s financial aid will be calculated based on a delegate’s interest in pursuing MUN in the future, past experiences (the selection team will take into account the differences between incoming and seasoned delegates), current attendance at MUNA events (not including external conferences) and the quality of their written answers. Once delegates submit their applications, a selection committee made-up of elected executives will determine the merit of each application to offer rewards. Please note that the amount of bursaries allotted will vary depending on the number of applications received.

Once decided, the executive will release a list of criteria used to determine and evaluate the merit of each successful candidate. Please send us an email or contact us through any other means for questions. Best of luck!