Abarna Selvarajah

Abarna is entering her fourth year of a Joint Honours degree in Political Science and History, and is also in the CO-OP program. Her journey with MUN started in first year, and some of her best memories include debating the complexities of resolutions surrounding Female Genital Mutilation, while serving on the committee of the Office of the Special Advisor to the Secretary-General on Gender Issues (OSAGI) at McMUN 2018. When she isn’t convincing a future delegate on the vast benefits of joining MUNA, she can usually be found nose-deep into another book or on the hunt for anything sugar-related. To date, she has served as the Vice-President of Delegate Training on the MUNA executive for two years, and is extremely passionate about the power of inclusive spaces to foster public speaking skills. Her love for MUNA grew from wanting to find a non-partisan and non-Western-centric realm of debate to a belief in the sheer amount of growth one can experience from participating in peaceful negotiations. Her interests beyond MUN include Bharathanatyam, biking, organizing and archival research.

Email: president.muna@gmail.com